Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bunny Cupcakes for Easter....

I just made these for Rinny and The Bull to take to daycare tomorrow for their Easter Party...

Yes...I know that a few of the bunnies are injured...The Bull got to them before I could get to him...LOL! what do you think? Aren't they cute!

And if your real sharp you'll notice that one of each pans has a cupcake that isn't a bunny...

ran out of them.  So I just put extra marshmellows on it and made it into a face!


Family Circus Lesson #1

Lesson #1:  Never, ever, never, ever allow an almost 3 year old (named Michael aka: The Bull) pour his own katsup!  Because if you do...this will be the result!!  I giant mound of katsup that you know would take him atleast a week to eat.  Notice that he didn't get all of it on his plate??  This shot was after a semi clean up with about 10 napkins...

The suspect....Michael (aka The Bull) ...notice the incriminating evidence in between his fingers on his left hand??

And the additional evidence on his face?  As well as the katsup soaked napkin laying right in front of him on the table?  Guilty?  or Innocent? 

You decide.....

Thursday, February 25, 2010

This Sick House!

We have been having quite a time with our "Sick House" for a few weeks now.  I've Lysol-ed everything more than once, but the germs just keep coming!!  Monday and Tuesday of this week I had to stay home because "The Bull" got strep throat.  I was told by the doctor to watch the other two because it was highly contagious.  OH JOY!

That meant staying home for two more days with three children (already had two days in on this one).  Needless to say I was sooo happy to go into work on Wednesday.  Not that I do not love my kids, but it was becoming a bit much.  The Bull was constantly wanting to be held, even if it meant while I was in the potty.  Rinny was being such a good "informant" and Codeman was being Codeman.  LOL!  In my household privacy is something you cherish!  C has been battling some sort of stomach virus...thank goodness I haven't gotten that one...YET! 

It is Thursday today and so far things seem to be getting better, except for C who is still having a fit with his stomach (poor babe).  Friday will be over before I know it and then the weekend...YEA! 

Rinny's birthday will be Tuesday of next week, she's turning 4!!  She has decided that she wants to go to see the Mermaids!  Weeki Wachee is not far from I guess the Family Circus is going to see the Mermaids.  We will take lots of pictures to share and I'll let you know if they survive...the Mermaids that is...HAHA!  We're off!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Thrifty Shopping!

Did I happen to mention that I love to shop at thrift stores? I didn’t?? Oh my…my bad. I do absolutely love to go shopping at thrift stores!! It’s like seeking treasure and I love it when I find them. Today I went on my lunch break and this is what I found….

I have acquired a love of scarfs and I picked up these little curtain rings….

And I collect tea towels and napkins….

The two knit hats are for the kids….

And the sweaters are mine!

Now…guess how much I spent on all of this! Give up?

I got 15 items for $8.00…that’s it! I love finding great bargains!!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Re-living my glory days...

Yesterday was the big day...Adult kickball!!  You heard me right...kickball.  When my boss asked me if I would play I happen to be busy working so without thinking about it I said yes.  I used to be pretty good at kickball in my day.  In after thought I asked my boss, "What time does it start?" 

His reply, "9am." I would have to get up at my normal 4:30am to get everyone ready to go!!  Oh Lawd! My stomach turned slightly.

My next question, "How many teams are there?"

He said, "16."  OMG!  This was going to take the entire day!!!  My stomach did a complete flip.

" how many games are we playing?"

He said, "3."  The tention eased a bit.   I told myself, "That's not going to be to bad." 

I began to believe that answer might have been a mistake.  My co-worker, M, some how convienced her entire family to go to the Carolina's that weekend to see a family member (a senoir) play a basketball game.  So she was not going to be able to play...Uh huh...right! 

C (my other half) thought it was a great idea! I didn't think so.  What I didn't realize at the time was that 3 games was just the start, if you won your team would go into the finals.  Now all of this was for charity ok!  So I just said this to myself over and over again.  To be honest I prayed for a rain out.

As the date drew closer the weather called for rain, I said to myself...I am saved!!  My boss first said they were going to re-schedule for February 13th...then I was told no - game is on.  Oh NO!

Now I have to explain a few normally takes me an hour and a half to get to work on a daily basis.  This includes two stops...daycare and school.  So in reality I live approximately an hour from where I work, one way.  Then you have to take into consideration I have a 10 year old, a 3 1/2 year old, and a 2 year old at home.  I just don't work a full time job but I also have a second full time job...Household Manager!  This job I do on the weekends.  It entails... Manage time, priorities, money and activities, operate and repair small machinery. Plan, prepare, and serve meals, accurately follow recipes and first aid directions. Maintain a clean and safe environment and schedules for three individuals answer phones and take messages. Work independently as well as part of a team, budget money.  Not including the tons (yes, I said tons) of laundry!!  I have two...count them...two in potty training.  Now one pretty much has it down pat, but the other...well let's just say he's a little stubborn.  So we go through lots of clothes. 

So in doing this chairty kickball tournament it was going to set me back a day in my second job, which makes catching up very difficult.  I would not be able to "sleep in" until 6:30am, which is my beauty sleep time for the week.  And I didn't think of the abuse my body was going to take since I haven't really been keeping my self in the best shape...well you know.  My 21 year old graciously took the kids for the time I needed to play, so I couldn't use that as an excuse either.   

It looked like I was going to have to "bite the bullet" and play. 

We did arrive on time...well by the deadline anyways.  We didn't practice before hand because my boss didn't think we needed to.  Mistake!  So a few of us decided to go onto the football field and practice.  This is me going to practice. 

After kicking a few balls I begain to realize how much of a mistake this really was...for me anyways.  My kicking foot was killing me, my ankles were hurting and my legs were shaking.  Let's not even talk about the lower back pain...luckly I had brought some meds...but I had left them in the SUV.  And they called for the games to begin.

The first game was pretty intense, we were behind by one point.  I do have to say proudly that we had a pretty good bunch of people playing!  We were bulldogs in the out field!!  Shamefully I didn't get on base during this game, I was still getting used to that ball!  So we tied the first game, then we immediately had to play game #2.  OMG!  No break??

Game 2 was even better!!  No score until the 5th inning!!  It wasn't us that scored, but still.  This is when I had my shot!  I had finally learned how to bunt that dang bouncy ball and I got to first base!  YEAAAAA!  Next kicker got me to second!  WOOHOO!!  But my glory was short lived because we struck out.  We lost that game by one...count it one point!  KEWL!

By this time my body was screaming for rescue!  My left ankle and kicking foot was killing me!!  Yes, I'm a lefty, which makes it even more difficult to bunt.  We had an hour break, next game at 1pm.  Not enough time in my opinion but I had to work with it.  I grabbed a hot dog and tried to relax.  During this time I felt a drip hit my forehead...were the gods finally going to smile down on me??  Another rain drop, then another and another.  Holy Cow it's sprinkling!! 

But do these boneheads call it?  NOOOOOoooooo!  They want to play! 

My boss, who happened to be our team captain, comes to us with the other teams offer.  They said they would give us the game if we didn't want to play in the rain.  They were proceeding to the finals anyway, we were not.  Decisions...decisions...well everyone on my team wasn't going to go out like that.  And it got my goat we played!  In the rain!  Ball wet+clay wet+grass wet=what?  A muddy great time actually!  We didn't win but we gave it our best shot!!

I got confirmation that we were through and we headed directly to the SUV.  I was freezing!  I changed my top and put on my jacket and we were out of there!!  Oh, I was in pain.  I could barely get up into the SUV.  Half an hour drive to get the kiddies, then a hour and a half drive home.  Stopping for potty breaks and so forth.  Finally we arrive home.  I'm exaused and in pain!  Still had to feed the kids and get them ready for bed; by the way it was early to bed night.  Then I passed out!

I'm still sore and in some pain today.  I did realize that kickball wasn't as fun as it was 20 some odd years ago, but all in all I have fun!  I won't be so quick to volunteer in the future though.