Thursday, February 25, 2010

This Sick House!

We have been having quite a time with our "Sick House" for a few weeks now.  I've Lysol-ed everything more than once, but the germs just keep coming!!  Monday and Tuesday of this week I had to stay home because "The Bull" got strep throat.  I was told by the doctor to watch the other two because it was highly contagious.  OH JOY!

That meant staying home for two more days with three children (already had two days in on this one).  Needless to say I was sooo happy to go into work on Wednesday.  Not that I do not love my kids, but it was becoming a bit much.  The Bull was constantly wanting to be held, even if it meant while I was in the potty.  Rinny was being such a good "informant" and Codeman was being Codeman.  LOL!  In my household privacy is something you cherish!  C has been battling some sort of stomach virus...thank goodness I haven't gotten that one...YET! 

It is Thursday today and so far things seem to be getting better, except for C who is still having a fit with his stomach (poor babe).  Friday will be over before I know it and then the weekend...YEA! 

Rinny's birthday will be Tuesday of next week, she's turning 4!!  She has decided that she wants to go to see the Mermaids!  Weeki Wachee is not far from I guess the Family Circus is going to see the Mermaids.  We will take lots of pictures to share and I'll let you know if they survive...the Mermaids that is...HAHA!  We're off!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Thrifty Shopping!

Did I happen to mention that I love to shop at thrift stores? I didn’t?? Oh my…my bad. I do absolutely love to go shopping at thrift stores!! It’s like seeking treasure and I love it when I find them. Today I went on my lunch break and this is what I found….

I have acquired a love of scarfs and I picked up these little curtain rings….

And I collect tea towels and napkins….

The two knit hats are for the kids….

And the sweaters are mine!

Now…guess how much I spent on all of this! Give up?

I got 15 items for $8.00…that’s it! I love finding great bargains!!