Thursday, May 26, 2011


I am so beyond frustrated ya'll have no idea!  I still do not have my sewing machine!!  Unbelievable!  Today it has been two weeks, so I called the store.  I got the same old song and dance..."we've told you Ms. Smith, when the part comes in we will call you!"  I told the sales person on the phone, "No Mame!  I will not wait another day!  I want my machine and a full refund!"  She asked for my number so that the manager could call me when she came in.  I asked when would that be she said about 30 minutes. 

My cell rings...I answer!  It's the lovely person that I've been talking to for the past two weeks!  Susan the manager.  I told her I wanted my machine back today and she told me NO!  Excuse me?  NO?  She said that my machine was not at the store and that she might be able to get it by Wednsday of next week.  NEXT WEEK?  I don't think so! 

Needless to say she told the Sheriff's Officer she would have it first thing in the morning.  Well that was at 10 am today.  At 4:55pm I get a call that her tech is taking a long weekend off and that she won't get my sewing machine until next week (she calls 5 minutes before they close). 

Well I have so far put in like 50 reviews for this business (not good ones either) and contacted the BBB.  I will be at their store tomorrow morning and if my sewing machine isn't there I will be headed straight towards the Clerk of Courts office.  I'm also thinking that I could make some signs and sit outside of their store!! 

Oh, btw...the name of the business is Citrus Sew & Vac located at 39 N Hwy 41, Inverness, FL.  Look em up on the net and read alllllll of the reviews, make your own choice from there!  Wish I had looked them up on the net before I took my machine there...woulda-neva-happened!!