Monday, November 21, 2011

Busy little bee here!

I have been busy sewing and getting ready for Thanksgiving here.  I just got finished making 14 pairs of undies for my grand daughter, Rinny.  She loves monkeys!!  Do you know how hard it is to find t-shirts with monkeys on them?

My mom came down for the holidays, so we have been catching up and shopping (of course)!  I am working on a Fold-n-go play mat (My Little Pony) for my grand daughter's Christmas present.  I will post pics and where I got the idea from when it's done.  I got the idea to make a Dinosaur fold-n-go for my grandson.  I'm making a Batman Messenger Bag for my 12 year old for Christmas too!  Also making facial scrubs to give as gifts.  Last year I started a memorial sheet that everyone signs that comes over for dinner at my house, then I embroider everything!  I'm wrapping that up as well.  I will post pictures as I go.

We had an escaped chicken this morning!!  I wish someone had gotten my son and I chasing that thing all around the property on cam.  Now that was a funny site!  I was laughing so hard at my son I couldn't move!  We got him back into the coop after about a 30 minute chase.

I started cooking for Thanksgiving Dinner yesterday and I'll be cooking right up to Thanksgiving!  I'm tired already...LOL!  I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fabric Covered Composition Notebook

I found this awesome post at Smashed Peas and Carrots for this Fabric Covered Composition Notebook!  I loved it, I just had to made a few.  I knew this would be the perfect present for my mom's birthday!  (Thanks Maggie!)  It's a little late, but better late than never right?  These two are my first ones...

From Projects

I got this material out a dumpster at a Thrift Store...don't laugh I found a large garbage bag full of really nice material.  It's a long story and no I didn't dive in either...OK, I was tempted.  But I didn't...wished now I did but...  

I was around the back of an establishment next door and I saw a couch cushion that would have been perfect for a doggy bed.  Unfortunately the corner of it was caught under the dumpster.  I just happened to look up and a saw all kinds of comforters, sheets, rugs, etc. just laying on the top.  I started looking through it and I found that bag of material...I snagged it.  There was no food or anything like that in this dumpster, but I did wash it all when I got home.  Oh, I can hear it now..."The Dumpster Diving Lady", but hey, I hate seeing things just thrown away when they are perfectly good!  And just look at what I made with just some of that material...

From Projects

I collect old buttons and I have plenty of them, what a great way to use them don't you think?  I have bookoos of ribbon and lace...I'm still trying to figure out what to do with the over abundance of ric-rac and binding that was given to me by a friend (thanks Kitty!! OXOX).  Any ideas??

From Projects

I've got more cut out just not put together yet, pink dots on brown fabric and pink gingham for the inside.  They will be so cute!  I will post pictures when I get them completed.

From Projects

I even attached a bookmark ribbon on this one!  Too cool huh?

From Projects

You can pick up these composition books at the Dollar Store really cheap!  These notebook covers can be used over and over again!  When my mom picks the one she likes the best I am going to put some calendars in it for the rest of this year and next; leaving lots of writing space!  You could use this for a journal, date book, grocery lists, or what ever your little heart desires!  I'm thinking of "Cars" and "Tinkerbell" themed ones for my grand-kids for doodle books!  Maybe with a removable matching zipper pouch for crayons/color pencils!  Can anyone say Christmas gifts?!  My son has to use one in his Science class at school...I'll have to think about what theme to make for that one.  

I'm a little excited...can you tell?!!  Later tatters!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sourdough Starter...oh my!

I am so in love with this book...

From Blogger Pictures

there are so many recipes and so far everyone I've made has tasted great!!

Anyways, there is a section on sourdough breads and I've never tried doing so I needed to make some sourdough starter.

From Blogger Pictures

I followed the recipe exactly and now we wait and stir, wait and stir...

From Blogger Pictures

you have to stir this 3 times a day.  I've set the alarms on my cell phone to remind far it's working!  In 5 to 10 days and it will be ready!!  I can see it fermenting and it doesn't smell "awesome" per say, but it looks like it's working.

Each time you use some you have to add to it and if you don't use any of it for like 10 days you have to add to it.  I'm wondering if I can remember all this "tending" to this stuff!  Looking forward to using this and making some more awesome breads!!  Stay tuned!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I'm still ALIVE!

I apologize for my absence.  Lots of things going on here at the farm; had a sick house for a while and I've just been plain lazy.  But I'm baaacckkk!

I have lots to catch up on!  I had my first official (paying) "customer" for my sewing business!!  YEEAAAHHH!  Two diaper bags w/matching diaper clutches.  I am officially a business~~WOOT WOOT!

It's a combination of two bag patterns (here and here)
From Projects

Two front pockets
From Projects

A hidden zipper in the back
From Projects

Diaper Clutch I made myself
From Projects

The inside
From Projects

Changing Pad
From Projects

Second bag
From Projects

A closer look
From Projects
On the first bag I made the strap more narrow to see how it would look.  I forgot to get a shot of the 101 Dalmations Diaper Clutch...sorry.  She informed me when I delivered her bags to her that she just found out she's got two more grand babies on the way.  She asked if I could make her two more...awesome!!  She asked for a second 101 Dalmations bag...I told her I would have to see if I have enough material left to make another one.  I make these from heard me right...bed linens!!

I will be showing you my latest thrift store stay tuned!

Monday, June 27, 2011

The 2 in 1 Stroller/Messenger Bag

The colors my daughter chose for Bailey are pink and pretty!

I found the pattern and tutorial here.  Then I was off and running!!  I bought like 10 yards of fusable interfacing at Wal-mart and didn't know until it was too late that it crinkled...A LOT!  I mean with every move this bag makes crinkle sounds...LOL!  My daughter said she didn't will let her know if someone tries to get in the bag.  So here are pictures of the finished bag...

This bag has no pockets or hidden zippers, but I love the strap!  So I'm thinking of making Whitney's messenger bag but wider and with this strap!  Stay tuned!!

Michael's Lightning McQueen Pillow

My grandson's all time favorite blanket is this one and he's been complaining that it's too small!  So I asked him if he wanted Meme to do something with it.  Michael's response, "No! It's OK Meme."  I think he just didn't want it out of his  So last time I was there I asked my daughter if he had been using it and she said no.  I told her to bring it to me and I would make it into a car pillow for him.  So here goes...

Here I am cutting out the car...I'm so nervous!

I didn't get a picture of it, but I used a Lightning McQueen sheet for the back.  With right sides facing each other sew around the edge leaving a 4 inch opening.

Then I zig zagged around it too...just to make sure!

Trimmed it with pinking shears.

Ready to turn right side out!

And then stuff!

All done!  A little funky shaped but I don't think he'll mind!

I made a second pillow out of the remaining blanket...waste not, want not!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Spagetti Dinner at my House! we go!  Here's what you'll need:

Not pictured:
Dried Minced Onion
1 Med Sweet Vidalia onion
Celery (I used 2 stalks)
Your choice of pasta-I like Angel Hair myself (cook to package directions-dunk in cold water-why? stops the cooking process)
Splenda (to take out the acidy taste)
Fresh ground Pepper

Olive Oil
Minced Garlic (I buy the BIG jar from Walmart)
1 can Hunt's Pasta Sauce (No Sugar Added)
1/2 jar Marinated Roasted Peppers
1 cans Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes (these are killer!)
1 can Tomato Paste (only use if needed)
1 jar Sliced Mushrooms

If you don't already, you should really start paying attention to the nutritional content of your food.  Especially sugar content in pre-prepared foods.  Low Carb it and you'll lose it!!  This I got at Save-a-lot for $.99 per can!  And I do buy store brands...most of the time they taste just as good and cost less.

Check out the sugar in this...

Only 3 grams - AAAAAAwesome!

Bay Leaves
Basil (dehydrated myself-from my garden)
1/2 tomato (left over in my fridge-waste not, want not!)

Sea Salt
and Fennel Seed (optional)

OK...on the Fennel Seed...this is a memory flavor for me.  I loved the pizza I used to get at high school!  And I've been trying to recreate that memory for a long time.  Reading through some recipes I heard about Fennel Seed and WALA!  FOOD MEMORY SUCCESS!

Oh and Yes, I use mason jars to store everything!!  Even leftovers in my fridge.  My mom calls me the mason jar Queen!  When I told her I wanted to be cremated her response was..."and put into a mason jar right?!"  LMBO...I said yes! (am I cheap or what? - Thanks PawPaw!!)

Ummm...where was I?  Oh yea...

In a big pot with a lid on med to med high heat I put about 3 tbsp of Olive Oil along with the minced onion and Vidalia onion, cook until minced onion is a little brown.  Like this...

Add mushrooms, about 2 tbsp of minced garlic (we love garlic-so add to your own taste), parsley, basil and fennel seed.

Add celery and peppers (I leave my celery whole because I take it out at the end).  Cook 7-10 minues to mix those flavors up baby!!

Next add your tomato, roasted tomatoes, and Bay leaf (I used 2 because they were small)

Add pasta sauce.

Add salt and pepper to your taste!

Now...drum roll please...I'm going to share with you my "UULLTTIIMMAATTEE SSEECCRREETT" ready?!! we go...

Your not dreaming!!  Whole nutmeg!!  No, I don't put a whole one in my sauce...

I grade up about 1/4 to 1/2 tsp right into the sauce!  It's all to taste ok!  I add splenda to take the acidy taste out and have a little sweet tasting's all according to your taste!

Now your ready for the lid!!  Now how do you know when it's done you ask...well you do "The Spoon Test!"  If your stiring spoon can stand up by's done and thick enough!  So don't add the tomato paste to this one...OK?!  Oh and I always use a wooden spoon!

Now for the meatballs....

2 lbs lean ground beef
1 lb ground turkey
Parmesan cheese
1/4 - 1/2 cup of evaporated milk
Italian bread crumbs

spice to taste...I use...
garlic powder
onion powder

I put it all in my mixer and use the dough attachment to stir it all up!  We like our meatballs moist so I get it to the consitancy of sticky stiff mashed potatoes.  I take an ice cream scooper with the little bar that is on the inside of the scoop, spray with Pam and I form the meatballs!  (I said that with an Italian accent if you didn't notice) 

Place them in my NuWave oven for 10 minutes on high, then turn them and another 10 minutes.  Done!!  I love my NuWave!  It cuts the fat like nothing else!

Now if you don't have one of these you can use your oven (350 degrees for 15-20 mins) or you can fry them on the stove and add more fat!! the salad!  We like very simple salads.  Easy-peazy!!

Lettuce, tomato, mozzarella cheese, bacon bits, lime juice, banana pepper(from my garden), olive oil and salt/pepper to taste...

I did this up earlier and kept cold in fridge!

And last but not least...garlic knots!!

2 tubes of cresent rolls, olive oil and minced garlic!!

Take your cresents and rollem like playdoe snakes!!

Tie in knot...

Place on baking pan...

Mix olive oil and minced garlic. 

Put it ALL over the knots!!

Bake according to package directions!  Just watch them to make sure they don't over cook...depends on your stove.

You'll get the whole neighborhood in an up roar!!