Saturday, March 12, 2011


The Re-modeling Fairy needs to come visit my house for a week or two.  Hmmm...maybe longer who knows!  I got this burst of energy and started re-doing my laundry room tonight and hit a brick wall.  (I do things like that from time to time...well OK...all the time)  I want to make the wall where the dry erase board was into a chalkboard wall...from ceiling to the floor.  Maybe frame it out with molding.  Use the top half for myself and the bottom half for the kids chore charts and art.  I got everything down off of the wall and sanded it down.  I was going to patch all the little holes and bam!  Couldn't find anything to patch them with!  Joint compound to old and waterey; calking to old and I couldn't find my little jar of wall patch stuff.  Unbelieveable at this house...we have everything here!  Also my 5 gal bucket of paint I bought to paint the walls is missing!  I can't find it either!!  I have my chalkboard paint though...thank goodness.

Well, my son is out of school this next week for Spring Break and he knows we are cleaning out the garage!  That is our project for next week.  Everything just gets thrown out there and I know most of that stuff could just be thrown out.  So I am getting myself ready for purge mode!  My favorite thrift store will get a large donation...maybe two!  LOL!

I didn't get to finishing Rinny's purse today, definately have to get it done tomorrow!

I have so many projects that need to be done here that I don't know where to begin.  I feel so overwhelmed!  Any suggestions??