Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Bag from a cat food bag...hmmmmmm...

If you have read my profile I have a few animals running around here...OK...more than just a few.  With having 5 cats I go through food pretty fast...they all have very good appetites.  So as a result I have quite a few cat food bags and they seem to be very good bags.  It seems such a waste to just throw them away. 

In my surfing I have been seaching for patterns or ideas on making my own grocery bags.  You can find lots and lots of ideas and patterns just type in google search!  I combined a few ideas I found and this is the result...

Doesn't this make a cute tote??  I love the pictures on these bags so much! 

This little baby can handle any load...seriously!  I just used it today at Walmart.  I asked all my cold items to be put in it and the bag boy definately took me for my word.  The bag held and the straps survived!!  AWESOME!


  1. Good job...I like the print on your "bag" better than my bird seed one...but recycling is recycling :)

  2. Thank you Laurie! I like the bird seed bag too! Always trying to do my part to recycle.