Monday, June 27, 2011

The 2 in 1 Stroller/Messenger Bag

The colors my daughter chose for Bailey are pink and pretty!

I found the pattern and tutorial here.  Then I was off and running!!  I bought like 10 yards of fusable interfacing at Wal-mart and didn't know until it was too late that it crinkled...A LOT!  I mean with every move this bag makes crinkle sounds...LOL!  My daughter said she didn't will let her know if someone tries to get in the bag.  So here are pictures of the finished bag...

This bag has no pockets or hidden zippers, but I love the strap!  So I'm thinking of making Whitney's messenger bag but wider and with this strap!  Stay tuned!!

Michael's Lightning McQueen Pillow

My grandson's all time favorite blanket is this one and he's been complaining that it's too small!  So I asked him if he wanted Meme to do something with it.  Michael's response, "No! It's OK Meme."  I think he just didn't want it out of his  So last time I was there I asked my daughter if he had been using it and she said no.  I told her to bring it to me and I would make it into a car pillow for him.  So here goes...

Here I am cutting out the car...I'm so nervous!

I didn't get a picture of it, but I used a Lightning McQueen sheet for the back.  With right sides facing each other sew around the edge leaving a 4 inch opening.

Then I zig zagged around it too...just to make sure!

Trimmed it with pinking shears.

Ready to turn right side out!

And then stuff!

All done!  A little funky shaped but I don't think he'll mind!

I made a second pillow out of the remaining blanket...waste not, want not!!