Thursday, May 26, 2011


I am so beyond frustrated ya'll have no idea!  I still do not have my sewing machine!!  Unbelievable!  Today it has been two weeks, so I called the store.  I got the same old song and dance..."we've told you Ms. Smith, when the part comes in we will call you!"  I told the sales person on the phone, "No Mame!  I will not wait another day!  I want my machine and a full refund!"  She asked for my number so that the manager could call me when she came in.  I asked when would that be she said about 30 minutes. 

My cell rings...I answer!  It's the lovely person that I've been talking to for the past two weeks!  Susan the manager.  I told her I wanted my machine back today and she told me NO!  Excuse me?  NO?  She said that my machine was not at the store and that she might be able to get it by Wednsday of next week.  NEXT WEEK?  I don't think so! 

Needless to say she told the Sheriff's Officer she would have it first thing in the morning.  Well that was at 10 am today.  At 4:55pm I get a call that her tech is taking a long weekend off and that she won't get my sewing machine until next week (she calls 5 minutes before they close). 

Well I have so far put in like 50 reviews for this business (not good ones either) and contacted the BBB.  I will be at their store tomorrow morning and if my sewing machine isn't there I will be headed straight towards the Clerk of Courts office.  I'm also thinking that I could make some signs and sit outside of their store!! 

Oh, btw...the name of the business is Citrus Sew & Vac located at 39 N Hwy 41, Inverness, FL.  Look em up on the net and read alllllll of the reviews, make your own choice from there!  Wish I had looked them up on the net before I took my machine there...woulda-neva-happened!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Isn't that the most pitiful look you've ever seen??  In truth that is exactly how I'm feeling now days.  Two weeks ago heard me...BOTH of my sewing machines went "Kapoot" at the same time!!  So with me being on a very strict budget I only took one in to be repaired.  Two days later curling my toes with excitement I picked it up...I was soooo stoked!!

The machine was still doing the same thing it was before I had it "repaired", to say I was upset was an understatement!  So I took it right back the next day.  I showed her where the bobbin case had not be replaced like the bill stated, she was embarrassed to say the least.  She said she would call me Friday and let me know what was going on.

On Friday I was told they had to order the part and hopefully it will be in next week.  There is obviously nothing I can do about this situation so I'm doing my best to just go with the flow!  I have accomplished a great deal these past couple of weeks though.  I have been going through and organizing all of my sewing stuff and fabric.  Then I decided to clean out my closet, now let me closet is the last stop for hiding "STUFF".  I found way to much "stuff" I had gotten to change into other stuff.    I also found a giant bag of drapery material...another project started and never finished.  Oh boy!  A new "NEW" projects until I get this mess cleaned up and current projects completed!!  Lets see how this goes...LOL!

With all of this free time I have also started the embroidering of my new Thanksgiving tradition project I started this past year.  I laid out a nice white sheet for everyone that came to my house for Thanksgiving Dinner to sign, write any message they would like or draw pictures...etc.  I also had them trace the hands of all the little ones present and then put their names beside them.  I will put this out every year at Thanksgiving for all to look at, remember, and sign for the current year.  It's pretty cool looking so far!  I will post pictures when I get it done.

So in the meantime I am cutting patterns and getting things ready for when I get "the call!"  I just hope I don't burn the sewing machine up in the first day!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Week!

I know...I know...I missed the "actual" day, so I just made it the whole week...OK?  A day late and a dollar short...story of my life!  Doing a zippidy job on this one...I hope they like them!

From Projects

From Projects

From Projects

Coffee Cozy's for the 5 special teachers in my kids lives.  They are totally awesome!  Thank you Mrs. Debbie, Ms. Rachel, Mrs. Claudette, Mrs. Hilda and Mrs. Fox!

I know I don't have 5 pictured here...I forgot to make one...going back to sewing now!  Have a great rest of the week!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Baby Stuff!

Why is it everyone is having a baby at the same time??  Is it something in the water??  LOL!  I have been working on some baby items for a few new arrivals and a few not arrived yet.  One of them being my next granddaughter!  Yep...I'm gonna be a Meme...again sometime late July.  I took some pictures of the things I've been working on...

From Projects

This is a crinkle toy with some extras and a different shape.  Next....

From Projects

From Projects

a couple of bibs!  And...

From Projects

cute little burb clothes!  Here is the set I'm sending out...

From Projects

One set I have to get out into the mail ASAP!  I also made a few Diaper Clutches...

From Projects
  This one is made from jean material!

From Projects
  With a changing pad included!

From Projects
  This was the second one I made.  These are from heard me right!  They were very easy to make, but on this one I made the velcro a little longer to accomodate more stuff.

From Projects

From Projects
  Ya'll know how thick diapers can be right?! 

I've also been working on my own personal sewing label.  I got the idea from here and I thought to myself...I can do this!  Well at first I remembered I have a BOX full of rubber stamps and tried doing it that way first.  They turned out cute if you look at the above pictures you'll see them.  But they fade after just one wash so back to the drawing board.  Now I am not intimidated at all by computers or software, it's just finding the uninterruped time to work on stuff.  It took me a few days but I think I got it! 


It's simple and to the point.  What do ya'll think?