Friday, March 25, 2011

T-shirt Tote

I don't know about all of you but I just really don't like using those plastic grocery bags you get at the store!  I see them everywhere they are not suppose to the park, in the lakes, laying on the side of the road or blowing in the wind...I can't stand it!  I have a few "store bought" bags but they are bulky and hard to store in my SUV.  So I went searching on the web (go figure) and found so many great ideas!  This one is a t-shirt tote and this is my very first one...

It's a little big but I think it will work.  This was one of C's t-shirts that I thought was really funny and I took it from him to make this...LOL! 

I made a couple of rosettes just to spruce it up a bit.  Next time I think I'll make it a little smaller, you know how they love to pack those bags down with a gazillion cans...right?