Sunday, March 13, 2011

Trip to Home Depot

So since I couldn't go any further yesterday on the Laundry Room Re-do I decided pack up The Family Circus and to go shopping at Home Depot! Whenever we all go on an "outing" it's an experience to say the least.  I was thankful to find a cart with extra seats for the kids that had seatbelts...yeaaaa!  I was able to pick up all the things I needed to complete this project and a few extras...I just couldn't help myself. See, we have a MAJOR problem with the kids leaving the lights on when they leave a room, so I picked up some timers for the closet lights that will shut them off after 15 mins and sensor light switches.

Now if you know me you know I didn't pay this price right? I am always looking for a bargan and I really found it today! The employee's at Home Depot are so helpful. I found only one sensor switch and I asked if they had any others. The one I found had no face plate and it was the same price as this pack! I needed more than one so they showed me these. As I looked through them the third one down had a sticker price of $14. I asked if this was correct and they checked...YES! So I got 4 packs!  WOO HOO!!

So after checking out the kids said they were "starving" so we stopped by the hot dog stand outside and grabbed a dog.  As we were eating some little birds kept flying up and landing next to the tables.  So I threw some of my bun down and they came out of the woodwork to eat.  The kids thought it was great! 

HOME JAMES!  Whewwwww...we made it back home without much incident.  Then the fun really began...

This is the space I am making into a chalkboard in my laundry room.  In this process I am also going to give the room a face lift.  This blue is driving me insane!  I'm triming with chocolate...

and once I stared I just couldn't stop!

I kept going and it flowed over into the kitchen.  We are covering the wallpaper (thank goodness) with slats as well as the cabinets.  I see lots of painting in my future!