Thursday, January 26, 2012

Some projects for some new friends!

I made some new friends recently...Misty, Grace and Baby Anthony.  I am friends with Misty's mom and my friend mentioned that I could sew.  Well Misty had purchased a couple of these quick little sewing projects from Walmart...but she doesn't know how to sew.  Soooo...I got the job!

The first two were outfits for the American Girl Doll that Grace got from Santa.  Mom picked these out just for her!  Grace is about 3 years old (I believe) and Grandma (my friend) is training her to be a little cowgirl!  So the horses on this pink & brown material were perfect! 

From Projects

I think mom's style (Misty) came out on this outfit...LOL!  Grace loved the fact she had a matching purse the same as her doll.

From Projects

This messenger bag turned out a little small but Misty asked if I could turn the strap into a stroller strap for her.  Luckily there was enough "extra" material to make it happen!

From Projects

It was venturing in uncharted territory for me on the doll clothes but great practice for future doll making clothes.  Before cutting these out I made patterns of the outfits so that I could make them again.  It was "trying" at times and I would like to someday meet the person that made that purse pattern for the doll...just so I can smack em!  LOL...just kidding.....NOT!

Enjoy your new doll clothes Grace!!  And Misty enjoy your new messenger bag!  

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