Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fabric Covered Composition Notebook

I found this awesome post at Smashed Peas and Carrots for this Fabric Covered Composition Notebook!  I loved it, I just had to made a few.  I knew this would be the perfect present for my mom's birthday!  (Thanks Maggie!)  It's a little late, but better late than never right?  These two are my first ones...

From Projects

I got this material out a dumpster at a Thrift Store...don't laugh I found a large garbage bag full of really nice material.  It's a long story and no I didn't dive in either...OK, I was tempted.  But I didn't...wished now I did but...  

I was around the back of an establishment next door and I saw a couch cushion that would have been perfect for a doggy bed.  Unfortunately the corner of it was caught under the dumpster.  I just happened to look up and a saw all kinds of comforters, sheets, rugs, etc. just laying on the top.  I started looking through it and I found that bag of material...I snagged it.  There was no food or anything like that in this dumpster, but I did wash it all when I got home.  Oh, I can hear it now..."The Dumpster Diving Lady", but hey, I hate seeing things just thrown away when they are perfectly good!  And just look at what I made with just some of that material...

From Projects

I collect old buttons and I have plenty of them, what a great way to use them don't you think?  I have bookoos of ribbon and lace...I'm still trying to figure out what to do with the over abundance of ric-rac and binding that was given to me by a friend (thanks Kitty!! OXOX).  Any ideas??

From Projects

I've got more cut out just not put together yet, pink dots on brown fabric and pink gingham for the inside.  They will be so cute!  I will post pictures when I get them completed.

From Projects

I even attached a bookmark ribbon on this one!  Too cool huh?

From Projects

You can pick up these composition books at the Dollar Store really cheap!  These notebook covers can be used over and over again!  When my mom picks the one she likes the best I am going to put some calendars in it for the rest of this year and next; leaving lots of writing space!  You could use this for a journal, date book, grocery lists, or what ever your little heart desires!  I'm thinking of "Cars" and "Tinkerbell" themed ones for my grand-kids for doodle books!  Maybe with a removable matching zipper pouch for crayons/color pencils!  Can anyone say Christmas gifts?!  My son has to use one in his Science class at school...I'll have to think about what theme to make for that one.  

I'm a little excited...can you tell?!!  Later tatters!

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