Thursday, February 16, 2012

Treasure Hunting Afterglow!

Have you ever felt it? What you ask? The adrenaline rush of getting a great deal or acquiring something that you have been coveting??  Then the feeling of utopia when you get it?  Ahhhhh...yea, you have; haven't you?!  

OK...I'll admit it!  Out loud!  I'm an afterglow junkie!!  Look, I don't drink alcohol or do seriously!  I have to have some sort of "hang-up"...come on!!  LOL.  I brag about it too...I know...I'm sooo bad.

I don't FREAK OUT if someone spills coffee on my clothes (most of the time it's me doing it) or if a plate or glass gets broken.  I'm like, "Oh, please!  I doubt I paid a quarter for it!  HAHA!"  

Something just crossed my mind...I must get my "thriftiness" from my PawPaw Ganus.  He was very mother says he was cheap.  I remember him telling me when I was little that he grew up during the depression and you didn't waste NOTHING!  Most days they ate a pot of greens from the garden and if they were lucky some cornbread.  And they were happy they had it.  I would get the typical speech about how my generation had it so good.  That when he was a kid he had to walk to 5 miles to way...every day...uphill...both the snow...barefooted...etc, etc.  I'd just roll my eyes and laugh at him, then he'd laugh too.  I knew he grew up in southern Alabama, it hardly ever snowed there.  Now the rest of the story might have been true.  Sort of.  Maybe.  Could have happened!    

I prefer to be called "thrifty" than to be called cheep, but either title I will hold up with pride.  Being a single mother raising two children was no picnic in the financial department.  But on the other hand it was like the 4th of July everyday at the same time. I made wonderful memories for my children that they still talk about to this day!  And they didn't cost a lot of money either.  They will remember you spending "TIME" more so than you spending "MONEY" on them.  Material things fade away, but memories will last a lifetime!!

OK...back to why I am here...I did go back to my favorite thrift store and I did acquire that "doll" I was talking about.  Ya'll ready to see it?

From Treasure Hunting
I was told this was called a Storybook Doll, but on the net it's called a "Flip Doll."  This one is Cinderella!  I found different ones online (Ebay) but not this one.  

From Treasure Hunting
You flip the pages and it tells the story as well as changes what the doll looks like.

From Treasure Hunting
Pretty cool...huh?

She has what looks like a few rust stains , but I don't mind them one bit.

From Treasure Hunting
Isn't the Prince just so handsome?  LOL

From Treasure Hunting
Showing mid-flip!

From Treasure Hunting

Now she takes her place among my other dolls.  Maybe I'll get some of the others day. What did I pay for this doll? She was not 1/2 price btw...$15! One of my "higher end" thrifted items but well worth it in my book.

The rest of the haul...

From Treasure Hunting
Lamp...$2...I think.

From Treasure Hunting
Shoes...$.50 and magazines 2 for $.25!

From Treasure Hunting
$.25 each.

From Treasure Hunting

I'm turning Gumby into a Christmas ornament!


From Treasure Hunting

Like new...$1.50.

Shorts - $.17 and belt $.25.  I'm going to turn these into a purse for me!  A friend of mine gave me some black curtains she didn't want anymore so I have my lining for this...cost $0.00!!

I also got a used belt sander(not pictured) for $4.  I don't remember the total cost of this haul, but I was very happy with the things I got!!

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