Thursday, April 5, 2012

Can you hear the wind?

I've had this idea for quite sometime.  I've been collecting old stuff in a bin for this purpose, like silverware I've flattened or curled, wooden spoons/forks...etc.  I love the idea of recycling old stuff and getting new stuff!

We have a horrid time with flies here with all the animals.  About a month ago I made a couple of "Fly Reflectors" out of lamp shade frames and strung up some scratched cd's with fishing line.  Sort of a take from the old wives tail of water, a penny in a zip lock bag and hang them in your windows and door frames.  These have been doing a fantastic job at keeping the flies at bay and I recycled some junk...kewl!  

So I had some squirrel feeders that I wasn't using anymore just laying around and I wondered if I could make them into wind-chimes?!  Using fishing line I strung on the feeders spoons, forks (for the chime) and a cd for reflection. Did it work?  Check this out...

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